Give Us A Shout…

    A Little History About Us…

    A Digital Mind© was founded in 1995, in Los Angeles California.  That said, we are unlike any other graphic design firm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland!  We are a professionally trained designed firm with an extensive client base that stretches coast to coast.  While there are a few things that make us unique, what truly sets us apart is our passion for our clients success and our modern design sense.  We actually LOVE what we do for a living.  Our focus is independently owned and small to mid size companies.  We’re not going to write a long, boring story about why you should choose us over another design firm, so here are the highlights….

    • The success of your business, is actually really important to us.  This isn’t just a line we say.  We invite you to research and reach out to any of our clients or simply read their testimonials.
    • Nearly every client we have every worked with, is still a client.
    • We have nearly 2 decades of design experience and were still young, energetic and “Up With The Times”.
    • We always go above and beyond…. and beyond a little more for our clients. 
    • We produce high quality, professional design work, at a fair price.  And we always do what we can do work within a clients budget.

    Lastly, though our offices are now located in Stevensville Maryland we provide professional print & digital marketing solutions to clients across the entire United States.  If you happen to stumble across our website (and live in Florida for example) don’t be afraid to give us a shout.  We can likely recommend someone close to you to contact and see just how awesome our services are. 

    Our offices are located at

    1008 Butterworth Ct.
    Stevensville, MD 21666